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» Bluelog - Is a Linux Bluetooth scanner with optional daemon mode and web front-end, designed for site surveys and traffic monitoring.

» BlueMaho - Is GUI-shell (interface) for suite of tools for testing security of bluetooth devices.

» Bluepot - Is a Bluetooth Honeypot written in Java, it runs on Linux.

» BlueRanger - Is a simple Bash script which uses Link Quality to locate Bluetooth device radios.

» Bluesnarfer - A Bluetooth bluesnarfing Utility.

» BtleJuice Framework - BtleJuice Bluetooth Smart (LE) Man-in-the-Middle framework.

» crackle - Crack and decrypt BLE encryption.

» redfang - Is a small proof-of-concept application to find non discoverable Bluetooth devices.

» SpoofTooph - Is designed to automate spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device information. Make a Bluetooth device hide in plain site.



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